• Director: Utz Weber
  • Production: B28
  • Broadcaster: RTL
  • Released on: DVD
  • Year of production: 2014

After inspiring and successful excursions with his international programme in clubs and at comedy festivals in New York, Montreal, Dublin, Cape Town, London and most recently Edinburgh, Michael Mittermeier returns home with a new solo programme. In his luggage: lots of verbal explosives of the finest quality.

Because when the Global Bayer Mittermeier travels the world, you can experience something: bizarre situations, absurd encounters, hilarious moments and bird-watching observations. Michl faces the dark side of power. He puts on his X-ray glasses and shines through world events, filleting the little pigs and shredding the big messes. For the fools out there have not diminished and they have armed themselves to the teeth. The only thing that helps is a full-length arsenal of the best gags with proper ballistics. And Michl is not too far away for that – from the Scottish pub to Buckingham Palace and then home via Saigon to the collective blackout at the Oktoberfest. Because humour is at home all over the world and Michael Mittermeier is, in this respect, a tireless, even hyperactive proponent of globalisation.

The Bavarian Dark Knight goes where it hurts. Beyond all speed limits, he is on the streets of Mordor with his off-roader for us. At erotic trade fairs he searches for the way to international ecstasy in black light. And with the help of new superheroes, he is looking for opportunities for Germans to be once again as bond villains whose fuses blow. And he does not leave out urgent problems: Are black holes just the calm before the shit storm? And isn’t a traditional zombie herd preferable to a modern flash mob? Brand new stories are followed by illuminating insights into the past. Michael looks under Roman skirts, smuggles himself into Mount Olympus and slips into the Trojan horse to find out what events the historians have not told us. Or was it just a blackout after all?